Alicia McLain is an Organizational Transformation & Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry with leadership positions in program management and software development management.  Her expertise is in  the change management aspects of Agile transformation.   Alicia coaches, trains and transforms mid-size to large companies domestically and internationally.   Alicia's career passion has been around using Agile practices to build high performing teams.  As an executive and leadership coach who has led and witnessed the transformation of people, attitudes, hearts and minds towards high performance using Agile practices, she is passionate about being of service to help connect organizations to their mission and values.

Alicia is the founder and co-organizer of the Agile Coaching Exchange for Southern California (ACE:SoCal), the first meet up group of its kind established in the United States in partnership with the original group in London. This group is in service to the Agile coaching community from CSM up for members who would like to enhance their skill set, share ideas, and take their coaching careers to the next level-See more at :