JT. Bailey is a Corporate Trainer, Non-Profit Leader and Former Marine. He has led large-scale military Live Virtual Constructive Gaming (LVCG) digital simulations projects (aka playing video games for a living) for the United States Army Reserve and National Guard. As a Non-Profit Leader he helps non-profits reconnect with the passion and purpose through the 4 Pillars of Service that allow them to make service their contribution. As the Founder of Following The Leader and the creator of P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E.; ainterpersonal development approach that shifts the mindsets of individuals while teaching the Art and Science of public speaking, JT uses transformative coaching and clear inspiring teaching to remind leaders of their personal responsibility to be the change in organizations they wish to see.  JT uses his faith, crazy family stories, experiences as a former Marine and corporate trainer to connect with all audiences using humor and insight. The only passion that supersedes his desire to propel others forward is his calling to be a loving husband to his wife and a father to his three children, who are the “why” that allow him to bear any, “how.”JT’s career passion has been centered around helping the individuals that contribute to projects find the leader within and be a leader worth following.