Jimmy Thai tried to escape Vietnam 15 times, was sent to prison twice before 16, he also witnessed the State police shot and killed his brother. Through perseverance, he eventually escaped Vietnam and later arrived in American as a “Boat People” refugee in his 20's. With no English, money or education, he worked as a janitor to attend evening classes at Miramar College. These experiences shaped his characters and proved that with determination and hard work, the American Dream is alive.
Jimmy learned English and eventually graduated from UCSD with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering. He also earned Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and MBA from California State University, and graduated from the Federal Executive Institute and Defense Systems Management College.

Today, he's cracked the “Bamboo Ceiling” as a Vice President for Technology with SAIC, a Fortune500 company, with 27 years of experience in technology applications. He led the Security & Network Systems contract for the San Diego International Airport Terminal 2 program, and was the co-founder of SAIC Tsunami Buoy project. He served 14 years as an Executive with SPAWAR and NAVSEA, and still holds an active Top Secret clearance. As a frequent speaker on TEDx, ISC West, CIO Summit, and International conferences around the world, Jimmy’s presentations are thought-provoking, inspirational, and will make you laugh!