Kevin Blackwell is a Michigan native who transplanted to San Diego during his 30-yr. career as a Navy SEAL.  He began his enlisted SEAL career as an intelligence specialist and advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer.  During his enlistments, he deployed to many parts of the globe where he specialized in intelligence collection, radio communications and air operations.  Later, he was selected and commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer where he advanced to Chief Warrant Officer Five.  As both an Enlisted SEAL and Chief Warrant Officer, Kevin took on several assignments as an instructor and training officer where he developed as a subject matter expert in Special Operations skills training, and high-risk training and readiness program delivery.  During his time in the Navy, Kevin also earned his BA and MS degrees.

Prior to retiring in 2012, he saw assignments to multiple SEAL commands and SEAL training commands on both east and west coast. Kevin also served in Iraq and Afghanistan where he specialized in Irregular Warfare and Intelligence collection. As Troop Commander, he was in charge of a 63-person Special Operations Cross-Functional Intelligence team and an Unmanned Aircraft System platform. He managed multiple sensor intelligence platforms while in combat, as well as sophisticated collection teams in the gathering of intelligence throughout Iraq. His teams conducted over 700 operations directly leading to the capture of over a dozen, high-value enemy targets.
Kevin also deployed to Combined Joint Task Force – Afghanistan (CJSOTF-A), Regional Task Force-Afghanistan (RTF- A) as Operations Officer where he directed the daily operations, actions and activities conducting highly sensitive, compartmented operations in remote and austere locations throughout Afghanistan. Kevin coordinated the execution of more than 149 highly sensitive Special Operations by five United States Special Forces ODAs teams and one SEAL cross- functional platoon assigned to RTF-A.

After retiring from the military in 2012, Kevin earned his Project Management Professional Certification in 2015 while working for the defense industry.  Kevin specialized in Special Operations skill sets and Training and Readiness for military, para-military and law enforcement agencies.  However, projects to which he was assigned were unique in nature and seemed to always evolve before final delivery to the customer.  Because he experienced the constant change of the customer’s requirements for the products, goods or services from initial concept to final delivery, Kevin felt that to be successful a project plan and product development must incorporate agile methodologies.
Since becoming a Certified Scrum Master and is pursuing his PMI-ACP, Kevin recognized that agile methodologies could be incorporated for any project and not just for IT and the tech world. It was then he stumbled upon Project Production Management in large scale capital construction projects.
Currently, Kevin works for Strategic Project Solutions, a company that specializes in Project Production Control for major capital construction projects around the globe. He and his wife, Jenny, have raised five children, and live in San Diego.